Ok, so real talk for a minute. In my business I am so fortunate to meet so many women who are all of different age, size, cultural background and personality. When someone walks through my door for an appointment that may go for 5 minutes or an hour and a half, I make the effort to have a small conversation with them. I do this because I get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment out of finding out a little about my clients. It could be about what event they have coming up, what they are interested in, what they do for work, what has lead them to me today, anything at all really. I am an inquisitive, people person. I always have been. It’s not that I’m nosey but more so that I find other people interesting and I like making new friends. Now, as I said, everyone I meet is different and that’s what keeps running this business interesting. No two women are the same BUT I often see very similar tendencies in a lot of women that walk through my door…

Often once clients have a garment on they call me in for my opinion and they always ask me to imagine them with tan, hair and make-up done or they ask if they look big in the garment and often, in general, they find different things to pick on themselves about. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we want to get the best garment possible that accentuate our best features and flatters those parts of ourselves that we are less confident about, that’s the whole purpose of trying something on and I’m here to make sure you find something you look amazing in but it often saddens me how many of the amazing girls I have as clients don’t feel ‘enough’ when they look in the mirror just as they are on a normal day. So girls, I want you to stop questioning yourselves because guess what, You look amazing. We are so set in our stubborn ways of thinking it’s normal to poke fun of how we look but I want y’all to stop. People confuse confidence with vanity like it’s so wrong to think positive things about yourself but I think go for it. Tell yourself how good you look, flaunt your features and know that you are HOT! I whole-heartily believe in the power of affirmations and I like to learn how to use them from the master herself, Louise Hay. If you haven’t heard of her, do yourself a favour and Google her and the methods she practices for a happy and healthy life. She talks about how when most of us look into a mirror we say something negative about ourselves and no good comes from that. So, next time you approach a mirror try saying something positive about yourself, what do you love about yourself, what is your best feature. Practice this and I promise you will feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong, I have been guilty of this before and I am not perfect but after practicing these affirmations I am starting to reach a point in my life where I am learning that I am ENOUGH. I have realised that focusing on negativity creates more negativity. I want the best from life and that means eliminating as much negativity as possible. I want this for you too.

Be confident, be happy.

So, what does body confidence have to do with dress hiring? For me, a lot because I want every woman that walks through my door to leave feeling good about themselves. I started this business to give women everywhere access to beautiful garments that they may not have previously been able to dream of wearing. Even though it’s such a simple thing, helping someone to find the perfect formal dress or a killer 21st outfit gives me a sense of satisfaction as I have helped that person to walk away feeling better for having come to my business. So I do think that it part of my job to preach confidence and use my communication with young women for a worthwhile purpose. Although we live in the social media age which is all about getting fitter, prettier, richer etc. we need to get back to basics and as corny and cliché as it sounds, focus on just being happy and knowing that you are enough. Whether you come to me to try on a size 4 or 16, you are beautiful and confident and I am grateful that you have decided to be my client and I hope that in return I can help you to feel confident and happy.

I felt compelled to write this blog because I really want to use my business to send positive messages. I’m no guru or expert but if I can help my clients to feel a little better after reading this because they were having a bad day then it has achieved its purpose. I know that I may not be able to change a lot in the world but if I can do my small part to leave a positive mark rather than a negative one then I’m going to do that. No good comes from being negative so next time you’re in front of a mirror tell yourself how beautiful you are. Then, smile at that stranger, tell your friends they’re amazing and spread Instagram likes around like confetti. It’s free to be kind and confident so spend your day today being the best version of yourself and it will work wonders for you. Thank you for supporting me and helping to enrich my life, even if you didn’t realise you had.

Love Brooke X