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Welcome to Designer Hire. I thought I’d kick off the first blog post with an introduction to myself, Brooke. I am 23 years old from Sydney Australia and have recently started this online venture and I am absolutely loving it. I started Designer Hire after getting comfortable in my first business and wanting to explore different business opportunities. I have a love for fashion, like many other ladies, so I wanted to do something that connected to that passion so I started exploring the concept of Designer Hire. It was a big decision to make as the expenses that come with a business like this is quite full on as I wanted to do it right with a large collection of amazing garments by fabulous designers ready to be worn by women everywhere. Behind the scenes it was a 6 month process to build everything and have it ready for my launch at the start of December last year.

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It’s been such a fun experience so far and I am excited to watch Designer Hire grow over the years to come. Designer Hire is particularly special to me as I enjoy meeting so many different women who book appointments to try on garments. Everyone is always happy as they find the perfect outfit for a special occasion which in turn makes me happy! I currently run this business from home but would love to expand in the future and have my own showroom in Central Sydney. I am a big believer in following your dreams and passions and I believe that everyone has the power and ability to do whatever they want to do. Starting a business is hard work, it requires a lot of sacrifices and in the case of purchasing more than 50 designer products, a lot of dollars but I worked hard and saved for every item that I now have available and I did it all on my own.

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I am a big advocate of women in business and love being a girl boss. We are all capable of doing whatever we want and being the best version of ourselves so go for it! I hope that you all enjoy my page and what I have to offer. Sydney ladies, feel free to organise a time to come and try any garments and for those of you over the rest of Country I post Aus wide so feel free to contact me to arrange a booking.

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